February 21, 2014

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Best Kweli in a minute, even if it did probably just cost $8 to put together.

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These two have a joint YouTube account. This one is Jessica.

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Kelsardaiz (1)

God's gift to yoga pants

a/k/a kelsmantra

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The Tropicana has had a long history within Vegas. Newly redesigned, the casino is also well known for its attracting top music performers. For instance, the Forte Tenors are coming soon to the Tropicana. This act was one of the top acts on the television show, America’s Got Talent. This operatic threesome is sure to dazzle audiences at the Tropicana. Other performers booked at this venue offer an array of multicultural music such as Nune Yesayan the Armenian songstress.

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February 20, 2014

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The chick who "won" seems like she might be kinda hot, but I wouldn't go near that. Too dangerous. If ever there was a situation where we got into it, I'd have to go straight for the kill. I wouldn't want to run the risk of getting caught slipping.

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