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December 05, 2013

Kanye West: Black people don't have the same connections as Jews

via www.vladtv.com

I'm not as concerned with what Kanye said here, which is so obviously true, as I am with the fact that the ADL is trying to make an issue out of it. That's when you know you're officially on the outs with the TIs.

They're fed up with Kanye's shit, and they don't have as much use for him anymore commercially. Every album he's dropped Graduation, way TF back in '07, has sold less than the one that came before it. This most recent album, Yeezus, was outsold by J. Cole, whom no one really likes.

The other day, Kanye only sold 4,500 tickets to a venue that holds over 18,000 people, in Kansas City. I'm not sure if I buy that his tour was put on hold a few weeks ago because something was wrong with the lighting rig. They probably had to fire some people to keep the whole operation solvent.

He recently signed an endorsement deal with Adidas, of all people, which he attempted to portray as a matter of Nike not paying him on time for those Back to the Future shoes he had out a while back. Yesterday on Twitter, I saw where Drake has signed a deal with Nike to drop a shoe that looks like an Air Jordan with Liberace-style gold glitter all over it.

Obviously, Nike dropped Kanye in favor of Drake, who's younger, more light skinted, sells more records, and knows when to STFU and get with the program. Also, he's Jewish, and that might be what Kanye's alluding to here. If Kanye were Jewish, would he be out on this seemingly endless media meltdown tour, cultivating the world's worst white accent, getting turned down from business deals left and right?

The worst will be when Drake announces his partnership with Louis Vuitton or someone for his own line of leather jogging pants.


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