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July 30, 2013

Gawker routinely sources content from Black People Twitter without attribution

via gawker.com

The other day, a hoodrat retweet activist took CACs to taks for the state of white on white crime (see below), not unlike how Bill O'Reilly had to put black people on notice and the resident cornball brother at CNN cosigned it. Et tu, Toure?

Today, Gawker's resident cornball brother has a post in which he takes CACs to task for the state of white on white crime. Black People Twitter cried foul. Apparently, her tweets were all over the place the other day. This is my first time hearing of them, but there's no way Gawker would employ a black guy who wasn't all over this the other day.

Gawker has a catty gay person running their Twitter, apparently, and so far they've decided it would be best to respond to this with a lot of neck-rolling. This might undermine their attempt to appeal to the black community by employing a handful of light skinted kids. People are still upset about that Trayvon Martin snuff photo they ran.

Black People Twitter, dayside entitlement outrage division, did some digging, and already, in the past few minutes, they've turned up evidence that the writer in question, Cord Jefferson, has a history of this sort of thing, and that it might be part of a larger pattern of behavior in which CAC sites like Gawker source material from BPT without attribution.

*grabs popcorn*

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