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July 19, 2013

Andy San Dimas kicked out of a Pittsburgh Pirates game for twerking

via www.huffingtonpost.com

Posting this in part because I hope it kickstarts a trend of pr0n chicks trying to get kicked out of public places for twerking, as a publicity stunt, but also "for my own personal amusement."

San Dimas was in town featuring dancing at a place called Cheerleaders and might still be. You might want to have a look. Strip clubs do a lot of business from guys who just left ballgames. St. Louis has one of those pole dancing trucks that you can follow to a club over on the East Side.

She got up and starting dancing, as pictured above, and was confronted by an usher. Apparently, that's not allowed. She continued to dance and was eventually confronted by security.


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