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July 10, 2013

Alex Jones on whether or not it's worth paying for a college education

via www.youtube.com

These are the realest words Alex Jones ever spoke.

I was on scholarship most of the time I was in college, at least half the time (I was there for a minute), and I'm still kicking myself about whatever amount my parents did spend.

The thing is, they don't tell you that you might go to college and be able to find a job and make a decent living, but you could just as easily go to college, graduate and never, ever be able to find a job doing a damn thing, especially if you're black, and it's not like you get that money back.

If I would have been thinking, I would have tried to con a rich chick into marrying me while I was there. (This would have involved going to a different school than East Bumblefuck State U.). Theoretically, she would have been marrying into a simliarly well-off family, though she wouldn't have benefited at all from that, being with me.

But she didn't need to know that until after the fact, at which point the relationship had already been "consummated" on many an occasion and maybe I'd been able to get some money out of her. If only I'd realized this 15 years ago.

Otherwise, yeah, college is a scam, and your best bet is to join the police department and become a narco trafficker, or join the Department of Homeland Security and kidnap children.


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