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July 11, 2013

Alex Jones: Never sign an organ donor card

via www.youtube.com

Something about this Adam Kokesh raid lit a fire under Alex Jones' ass. It's been a minute since I've seen him this fired up. No Boutros.

On the 4th, Kokesh staged a protest in DC in which he filmed himself loading a shotgun in public. 5-0 saw the video and raided his house this past Sunday night. They kicked his door in, threw a flash bang grenade, and then roughed him up when he politely asked to use the bathroom, supposedly.

It's not legal to have a gun in public, I guess, if you're transporting it somewhere, but apparently it's illegal to film yourself loading it out in the open on the 4th of July, even as a protest. If I were him, I'd talk to my lawyer about a writ of habeas corpus. You know, put the entire system on trial. Loading your gun in public should count as free speech, right?

Then there's the obvious connection to late term abortions using meat cleavers and organ harvesting. In case it isn't already clear (if you haven't seen enough of these videos), Kokesh was busted for having weed along with a gun, which is a big no-no. Weed is one of the few drugs the US doesn't import, like heroin, cocaine, ritalin, prozac and speed, which your children are exposed to constantly at public schools where they learn how to cross dress at age five and learn how to perform oral sex at age seven, there at the pedophile training centers.

This is an abomination in the land of the abortion and the home of the low IQ.

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