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June 21, 2013

New Action Bronson album not politically correct enough for Pitchfork

via pitchfork.com

Can a rap album truly be worth listening to, if there's a couple of Asian hookers on the cover? What if it's a rap album about Asian hookers? Some would argue that you shouldn't be allowed to make a rap album about Asian hookers.

Pitchfork gave the new Action Bronson EP Saaab Stories a 6.1, and the review is mostly one lengthy bitchfit about the hilarious cover and the hooker talk in the lyrics. But what about the fact that all of the other Action Bronson albums are about hookers?

The new Kanye album has a line about going down on an Asian chick (not necessarily a hooker) using sweet and sour sauce, which crosses the line for me personally. There's also a line about sticking his fist in a black chick's vagine like a black power salute. She's said to have been drinking white wine, so that may or may not be date rape. It's definitely part of the "rape culture."

If you notice, Pitchfork could give a rat's ass about black kids from Chicago rapping about popping a cap in someone's ass, but god forbid an Asian chick should be depicted inspecting a roll of toilet paper. You know Jewish guys can't just use any brand of toilet paper. They get IBS.


Pitchfork's rap album reviews are adjusted for political correctness

Does dead prez's "Dirty White Girl" have anything to do with actual white chicks?

Meyhem Lauren also is upset with the CACs who write for Pitchfork

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