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January 04, 2013

What Kickstarter will eventually lead to

via www.youtube.com

That Super Bowl money must have run out.

Kickstarter LINK: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/koshadillz/kosha-dillz-is-everywhere-the-...

Until February 4th, you have the ability to pledge any amount you'd like to help fund the documentary film : Kosha Dillz is Everywhere: The Hustle To Happiness
Film maker Darah Golub of The New York Love Songs has been on the road with Kosha Dillz for a year and half documenting multiple cuts of the film.

WIth your pledge, we have the ability to to hire the best editors to help cut down our hours of footage and make a cohesive vision as to what our film will be.

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