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January 25, 2013

I'm now the author of several books (if two counts as several)

I'm the man now, dog.

This week, I put the finishing touches on my second book. I'm gonna spend the next few weeks editing, formatting and fine-tuning it, and I'm gonna try to have it out by March, inshallah.

But we'll see. I'm gonna try to have it out in both ebook and paperback from jump. The reason I've yet to release my first book in paperback is because I quite literally couldn't do it. Something is wrong with the file, I couldn't figure out how to fix it, and you can't release a book in paperback using the service I was trying to use if it isn't formatted correctly, so I just said fuck it. I felt like one of the kids I went to elementary school with who never learned to read well. I considered turning to a life of crime.

At some point, possibly very soon, I'm gonna have to leave the Internets for a while. I'm having my fifth (not an exaggeration) eye surgery, and it's some weird, fucked up surgery where you're not allowed to do anything but lay flat on your back for several days afterwards. They give you a pair of glasses with mirrors in them so you can watch TV. I'm not sure how long it'll be before I'm allowed to stare at the Internets for 10 hours at a time.

Let's see... what can I tell you about this new book? It's way longer than the first one (which wasn't that long). Maybe twice as long, maybe more than that. I'm not sure. It's still in pieces, scattered across my desktop along with the '90s rap and can gifs. The first book was supposed to be a bit longer than it is, but there were parts that I couldn't get quite right, so I was just like fuck it. (Noticing a trend?) I figured maybe I could use them in a subsequent book. That's not what this book is. Maybe the one after this? Who knows. The trend these days, especially in ebooks is to publish books that are way shorter.

I would describe the content as similar to the first one, but covering some of my more recent journalism accomplishments - but not so similar that you shouldn't buy it if you already bought the first one of course. If you follow this space on the reg, you probably have a pretty idea of some of the things and some of the people who are discussed. But it's not all about Rap Genius. There's also some discussion of my burgeoning career as a guy who spends lengthy periods of time mining Tumblr for pictures of certain kinds of women. I know at least a few people were upset that the first book didn't consist entirely of pictures of girls with ginormous cans. That was already after I was called a creep on ABC Nightline.

I'm still deciding on a title. I came up with a few ideas that are clever in an Internets pun sort of way, but I'm worried they might not be any good for marketing purposes. I'm trying to come up with something that's catchy but also descriptive, for people who aren't already familiar with my work. I'll let you know when I decide on something. I'll have more info once we get closer to the actual release date. Maybe I'll even post an excerpt (if I can't get the New York Times to run it as an op-ed). Stay tuned.

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