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January 03, 2013

I continue to dominate citizen food journalism

Blueberry yelp

Has there ever been a run like this in the history of citizen food journalism? I wouldn't know. I don't actually fuxwit citizen food journalism, I just write it sometimes, "for my own personal amusement."

Today, my review of legendary shanty town establishment Blueberry Hill has been crowned Review of the Day on Yelp. It's at least my third review there to receive that honor.

The thing is, it's the only review I've written there since my reviews started blowing up, a while back. I've had to stop eating in restaurants, due to some personal failings. These days, I only eat extremely cheap meat from disreputable grocery stores, and whatever my parents are throwing out. I only got to go to Blueberry because it was my little brother's 30th birthday (we're three weeks apart in age) and my old man paid.

Granted, each city has its own Review of the Day, and St. Louis is not the biggest city in America, but stil.

a) It's bigger than you would think. It was once the fourth biggest city in the US. (It was the biggest city in the US - bigger than New York - during the time of the Native American Indian.)

b) I'm not sure what all geographic area Yelp encompasses. It could include JeffCo, the meth capital of the world, which has a Fazolis. I checked Yelp when I was in Washington, MO, the corn cob pipe capital of the world, and it was still set to St. Louis.

c) I haven't written that many reviews, and already, something like a solid fifth of them have been singled out for praise. If I could afford the gas it would take to drive to restauarants and maybe scrounge around in the dumpsters for food, let alone actually order something from the menu, I'd probably be the Thomas Friedman of Yelp. I'd have to talk to someone there about possibly getting my own app.

Don't be trying to shit on my accomplishment.

My review of Blueberry Hill

Bol @ Yelp (but don't expect it to be updated any time soon)

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