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November 28, 2012

Shabooty Interview Series: Riley Steele

via www.shabooty.com

So many great things in this interview...

On how she got her part in Piranha 3D:

I got it on my raw talent, duh! Ha.

On the time Jesse Jane took her son to see Piranha 3D:

OMG, Jesse Jane took her son to go see it, and I was like, “you took your son to go see it??? But that movie is so bad!” And she was covering up his eyes the whole time, her son and his little friends, she was not happy about that. That movie is very grotesque. There’s lots of blood, lots of boobs…

On whether or not she was in the Drama Club in high school:

No, I was not into any club in school. I was more into the skipping school club.

On why she won't do interracial:

I’m not doing interracial because I knew a girl who had done it, and she got so many death threats, and hate mail, and people really tried to go after her, so… most of the viewers are middle America, and most Middle America people, don’t agree with interracial, so you gotta remember who your consumer is, and all of that; that’s just not [a path] I want to go down.

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