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November 28, 2012

Mysterious Rap Genius story in LA Weekly

Rg la weekly

Here's a link to what appears to be a story on Rap Genius in the LA Weekly that's yet to be published (though it's dated yesterday, 11/27). You can tell it's some sort of draft, because it's filled with typos and factual inaccurac(ies). Hopefully, they get a capable writer to do some work on it before/if it's published.

LA Weekly: Rap Genius Got $15 in Investor Financing. So, Why Does Everyone Hate Them?

(My bad if you can't get the link to work, or if they move it or something.)

Below, I screencapped some of the parts that had to do with me, due to narcissism. Several things are wrong with it. Find them all, then send them to the guy who does the Bun B coloring book, so he can draw you a picture of it, for your mom to put on the fridge. Listen to this while you do it.

Rg la weekly bol

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