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November 28, 2012

Literary Spotlight: Stupid Dope Moves: The 10 Crack Commandments

via www.amazon.com

St. Louis is now home to not one, but two authors of very reasonably priced Amazon Kindle books. This city is either coming up in the world, or falling TF apart, depending on how you look at it.

Behold Stupid Dope Moves: The 10 Crack Commandments:

From self-knowledge (never get high on your own supply) to resilience (never sell crack where you rest at) Marcus Moore answers these questions with surprising, inspiring, and very real ideas about business, the streets, and the meaning of success gathered from his personal life and from his career of hustling with people who shall remain nameless.

Of course you remember author Marko-V from his mixtape Native Son that I posted here a few weeks ago. (You all DLd and had a look, right?) Stupid Dope Moves has its own "soundtrack album" that you can check out below, via DatPiff

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