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November 28, 2012

Learn Something: Democracy Now segment on the Central Park Five

via www.youtube.com

The Central Park Five was like the late '80s equivalent of the Jena Six - except they didn't actually do anything (sexually).

They were in the park "wilding," some CAC got rape-raped, and they somehow all got convicted for it. #racism

Donald Trump took out full-page ads in four newspapers calling for the death penalty in NY to be reinstated so they could be executed. Donald Trump been racis(t).

And then the guy who actually did it (one guy, mind you, not five people) came forward and confessed, after these guys had been locked up for seven to 13 years.

New York still won't settle a civil suit they brought against the city. Maybe this Ken Burns film will help?

Part 2/2 after the jump.

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