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November 20, 2012

Diddle Me Elmo saga continues: Second accuser emerges, Elmo quits Sesame Street

via gawker.com

It was all good just a week ago!

Yesterday it was announced that that fudge model kid who said that Elmo bufued him before he was of age, who had retracted his story, changed his mind, probably because he wanted more $$$. Today it was announced that another (once-) young fruit has come forward with allegations, probably for the same reason. He says that's Elmo's thing - underage boys. In the wake of this second allegation, Kevin Clash, DL brother, voice of Elmo, put in his two weeks at Sesame Street.


1) Eww.

2) Does he do the Elmo voice while bufuing.

3) He tripped when he gave the first kid money in the first place.

4) He didn't make the first kid sign a paper saying he couldn't just turn right around and ask for more money.

5) Elmo had to know there were other kids he bufued. Was he just hoping against hope none of them would come forward.

6) This guy's wife needs to be on Oprah's deep cable network like yesterday.

7) This is what happens when a masculine black man can't get a job that pays more than $9/hr.

8) If a guy will sneak around and eff other guys in the a, who knows what he might do.

9) Sesame Street probably been knew this guy was on the DL. I wouldn't trust them around my kids, of which I have none (that I know of, and almost certainly none period, statistically speaking #FML).

10) That tickles! [||]

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