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October 26, 2012

Rap Genius founder threatens to kill me, might be with the terrorists

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As we "speak," Mahbod Moghadam, one of the founders of Rap Genius, is in a private chat room threatening to kill me. Check the screencaps above and also below.

Moghadam is pissed because earlier today I revealed the fact that Rap Genius' editor chat rooms are filled with racism.


A chick from the New York Observer's tech blog Betabeat saw my post and did a story on it.


She caught up with Moghadam, who tried to cop a plea, saying that's not the real Rap Genius editor chat room. The best Rap Genius editors use a "secret" Facebook group. Another douche from Rap Genius claims he has a way to know the people who contribute to the site, and they're "super multi-cultural," not just a buncha CACs.

After the post went up, Mahbod, who's on the set of a Big Boi and Kelly Rowland video for some reason, says he had a chance to look into the matter, and he says the racist shit was the work of haX0rs. The Betabeat story has since been updated.

But he's probably just lying. I happen to know for a fact that he lied to the girl from Betabeat. He said I tried to get a job with Rap Genius, which is the damndest lie that's ever been told. Any time someone says something racist on the Internets these days they claim their account was hacked. That's probably what lawyers recommend. In fact, Moghadam says the guy he spoke to was a lawyer who's helping him work on something called Law Genius.

More threats, this time having to do with Palestine, of all things:

Which would be?

Homeland Security might want to look into this Mahbod Moghadam. I know he's from Iran. Was he born there? Is he allowed to be here? People from Iran can't just come over to the US and threaten to kill US citizens in secret racist chat rooms, can they? My ancestors were slaves who helped build this country!

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