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October 30, 2012

Rap Genius doesn't support Mitt Romney, just the people who own it

Mahbod romney 1

Mahbod romney 2

As we speak, Rap Genius' Twitter account is being inundated with inquiries from users concerned that the site supports Mitt Romney and the Republicans. Wonder where they got that idea?

Rap Genius was recently bought by a couple of guys who have donated a shedload of money to Mitt Romney and the Republicans this election cycle, including a $100,000 donation to Romney's Restore Our Future PAC, and $30k+ each to the Republican Senatorial and Congressional Committees. They haven't paid Obama a damn thing, other than lip service, let alone, say, Kool Herc, who, as mentioned in the story on Gawker on Rap Genius' race problem, can't afford to have his appendix taken out.

Co-founder Mahbod Moghadam, who's currently manning the Rap Genius Twitter account (and thus digging the site a deeper hole), claims President Obama will soon contribute to Rap Genius. Who knows, maybe he will or maybe he won't; they did get Andreessen Horowitz to cut them a check for $15 million. If he does, he'll be helping to line the pockets of people who are currently trying to have him thrown out of office - regardless of what Maboo tells the dumbass kids who follow Rap Genius on Twitter.

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