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September 05, 2012

Chief Keef is the realest child rapper since Chi Ali (UPDATED)

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The kid in the picture above, Lil JoJo, 16, found out the hard way - you don't fuck with Chief Keef.

Lil JoJo was beefing with one of Chief Keef's Snack Pack carriers, Lil Reese, about which one looks more effeminate with those braids so many Chicago rappers have these days. Pretty much everyone except Rhymefest, who's probably not healthy enough to generate that much hair. Lupe Fiasco went on the radio and said he's afraid of the child gangbanger culture that Chief Keef promotes. Then why did he go and get the same haircut? Duh!

Or actually, it sounds like this guy Lil JoJo was jealous of the fact that Interscope Records supposedly gave Chief Keef a shedload of money, his own line of Beats by Dre headphones for child gangbangers, and a movie contrack(?!), despite the fact that he can't rap for shit. He raps about as well as he reads. Lil JoJo put out a song dissing Chief Keef and Snack Pack carrier Lil Reese. The video is filled with shirtless child gangbangers waving guns around. It was an accident waiting to happen.

It's arguably more disturbing than that Lil Mouse video.

Below is a video from, I think, yesterday, in which Lil JoJo, in a car, rides past Snack Pack carrier, Lil Reese, who's standing on the curb, and calls him a bitch. Lil Reese's response: "I'm gonna kill you." He says it in such a matter of fact way.

Lil Reese is standing next to a fancy new Camaro that he must have bought with the money Chief Keef got from Interscope. So jealous. Or maybe he bought it with his own money that he made from selling crack to his fellow schoolchildren - I don't want to assume, or cast aspersions on Lil Reese's ability to provide for himself. He might pop a cap in my ass. LOL

Someone popped a cap in Lil JoJo's ass last night. He was riding his bicycle (no, really) when someone in a gray or tan car opened fire on him, hitting him at least once. 5-0 found him lying in the street unresponsive. He was taken to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Chief Keef took to Twitter to celebrate.

You'll recall that Rich Nigga Shit was a series of videos by late '00s-era misguided youth rapper Soulja Boy, who also famously couldn't read, in which he'd blow his nose with money, set money on fire, pay his weed carriers to drink entire fifths of alcohol, so on and so forth. Soulja Boy subsequently went broke and sued his handlers for "taking advantage of his stupidity."


UPDATE: Lil JoJo's older brother CashOut is banging Chief Keef's mom. The other day, he posted a video on World Star, below, where he calls Chief Keef's mom, they talk about doing the nasty, and he asks for free tickets to a Chief Keef show.

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