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May 07, 2012

Relationship Strategy: Start an email correspondence with a hot female prisoner

via www.huffingtonpost.co.uk

A site called Meet an Inmate has profiles of lonely people in jail who want you to send them an email so they can fap and/or steal your identity. A site called Ranker went through and listed the 58 hottest chicks on Meet an Inmate. About half of them are genuinely attractive, and a few of them are Lindsay Lohan hot. Ironically enough, many of them of them are locked up for DUI, vehicular manslaughter and what have you. Most of the rest of them are in there for drugs. Chicks cannot hold they smoke - that's what it is!

Given that there's sites where you pay money to exchange emails with the likes of (admittedly the best woman ever) Winter Pierzina, who also once ended up in jail, supposedly, this seems like a no brainer. Write one email and send it to every good-looking girl on this list. Worst case scenario, maybe they don't write you back. They might not be able to write. But you could end up with an email from a hot chick (for free). Or who knows, maybe you could even swing a conjugal visit. Put a sawbuck in a chick's commissary, then arrange for a visit. If she doesn't at least touch your peen, cancel payment. Let her go a few weeks without a grilled cheese sandwich and see if that changes her mind.

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