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April 26, 2012

Posse on Trendwatch: Local criminals who are also rappers

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The RFT, the local equivalent of the Village Voice here in the STL, this week has a feature on a gangbanger and heroin dealer who's pursuing a career in rap music. A few weeks ago, Gawker had a story on some 12 year-old Chicago gangbanger who just got out of the joint and I think has a song coming out with Kanye. Maybe he'll shoot Kanye. And I'll go ahead and take credit for this trend with my pioneering post a few weeks ago about the nutjob who hit a senior citizen over the head with a rock and killed him because he wouldn't buy one of his mixtapes.

Check out this guy's video below. It's not half bad for what it is, and I think he deserves credit for being a real criminal ternt rapper, unlike, say, Rawse.

The other day, Yo Banga probably paid to perform as an opening act for T.I., along with Murphy Lee, six guys whose names are even more ridonkulous than Yo Banga, and probably some juggalos. And a few weeks ago, he was one of the opening acts for Rick Ross. This was portrayed in the RFT as Yo Banga being invited to open for famous national rappers, either because they don't understand how rap music works or they don't want Yo Banga to find out where they live. I'm going to give them the benefit of the doubt and assume it was the latter.

They did get Yo Banga to talk shit about Rawse.

It's not like he hasn't dealt with famous rappers before. In February he opened at the Ambassador for Rick Ross, walking out before the former prison guard could even start singing his fabricated story line about slinging coke. Of Ross, who represents rap at its most commercial, Banga says, "That shit does not impress us. I can't listen to that. I just can't."

I understand that rap isn't Pokemon per se, but I'd put this guy up against that kid from Chicago, Rawse and maybe even DJ Coldblooded.

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