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April 16, 2012

Necro compares Michelle Obama to a pr0n chick, and not for her business acumen

via www.youtube.com

I'll let Necro himself explain.

Most of my fans know I invented a style where I rap about people in the Tabloids. I have been doing it for years and dropped some verses back in the day in freestyles live on the radio. On my mixtapes I dropped a few of these tracks as well, one of the most famous being "Billie Jean 2005" where I destroy Michael Jackson.

I never made one of these tabloid tracks for an official Necro release until now. Howard Stern is the King of all Media and I felt I was the king of all tabloid abuse lyrically in the hiphop form, so what better a title than, "Howard Stern". This allowed me to pay homage to the legend of radio, while creating an interesting track where I destroy today's pop mainstream icons in a most humerous way all for jokes and entertainment.


Byron Crawford a/k/a Bol is the celebrated author of several books, most recently NaS Lost: A Tribute to the Little Homey.

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