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March 26, 2012

White people turned up pics of Trayvon looking like a budget Tupac

via whatthehayell.com

The pic on the left is a more recent image of George Zimmerman, from a photo ID from Goldman Sachs or wherever he works. The pic on the right is Trayvon Martin, probably on Facebook or somewhere, engaging in Plies cosplay.

I guess the other pics of Trayvon, where he looks like a good student who wears Hollister and the world's tiniest high school football player, were from a while back, before he got into hip-hop. The other pic of George Zimmerman, from about five years ago, really was a mugshot. I think I read somewhere last week that he once got busted for putting a shoe on his girlfriend? But I don't want to say for certain, because I honestly don't know, and I wouldn't want to damage his reputation.

Here's another pic of Trayvon, where he has fake gold teeth and a trashstache and he's wearing a wifebeater.

At the time that he was killed, he was on a 10-day suspension from school, and I heard 5-0 found some weed in his backpack. I shudder to think what else they're gonna turn up. This could be the Jena Six all over again. Trayvon's parents are said to be pursuing a civil suit, and you know good and well not all of that settlement is going into a college fund for Trayvon's siblings and an organization to spread awareness about the dangers of eating Skittles while wearing a hoodie.

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