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March 27, 2012

What if a rapper had a son who was a fudge who tried to pursue a career in music?

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The other day, while I was on spring break, sitting around in my under drinking Miller High Life and watching wet t-shirt contest videos on YouTube, Ghostface Killah's son Infinite Coles posted a video of himself sing "1+1" by Beyonce on World Star.

Some people are saying that Infinite Coles is teh ghey. I don't know if he is, and I couldn't find on Twitter where it says one way or the other (though I did find where he's been retweeting Diddy's son Justin), and I don't think it's right to speculate on what Brian Johnson calls someone's personal business. You see what happened to that kid at Rutgers.

It gets better.

(FWIW Infinite Culo's Twitter has several pics of him with girls. More girls than would allow me to be in their "personal space" without filing a complaint.)

Obviously this is difficult for Ghostface, since he's been known to drop unfortunate (but amusing and acceptable by hip-hop/Muslim standards) homophobic comments in his music, and since I seem to recall him once rapping about tag teaming (presumably) a woman with his other son, Sun God. I'm not just imagining that, am I? Pause!

A tag team match involving Infinite Coles would present logistical challenges, to say the least.

Then there's the fact that the boy is trying to present a career in music. In the video below he's introduced as Ghostface Killah's son, so World Star would upload it, to embarrass Ghostface.

He had to know that Ghostface would have a problem with this, or at the very least, that it would cause a problem for Ghostface, right? I can't imagine that he submitted it to his father for a approval pre-upload. I wonder if they're even in contact on a regular basis. He doesn't seem old enough that he would be off on his own, Al B. Sure-style. And let's keep it real, this is 2K12, the last year ever. No one moves out of their parents' house until they're 39 - even if they've got talent and an education.

If Ghostface were capable of accepting his son for who he is, and if he could get Def Jam to return his calls post-Apollo Kids, he could try to get Infinite Coles a deal. Or he could at least have him singing hooks on the next album he puts out on Koch Graveyard or whatever, that Wu-Block album with Sheek Larouche maybe. He already put Sun God on an album, so he's kinda obligated to. You can't just give something to one son and not give the other son the same thing. That's bad parenting. That's probably why he's out here doing whatever it is he's doing.

Ghostface took to Twitter the other day to vent, probably because people were @ replying him about how his son is "moist." I didn't catch where he said anywhere what he was complaining about or linked to the video or retweeted or replied to anyone who referred to it specifically. For all his followers knew, he could have been working on his tax returns for 2K11. They must have been so confused.

Some young guy from ego trip transcribed Ghost's entire diatribe. He said he wasn't aware of what it's in reference to, but it could be that he was and he just didn't want to say, because he can still recall that time the Wu put a shoe on a writer because they didn't like the artwork for one of their early magazine articles. He may have even had something to do with that. I think Elliott Wilson, formerly of ego trip, wrote about it that time back in like '07 when he tried to actually write something on his XXL blog.

Ghost's tweets about haters up in his biz (all 18 of them):

1. YO Yow I’m here to tell y’all muthafucka to stay the Fuck out of my BUSINESS!! Whatever goes on in Ur life is Ur not I’m Not Involved!

2. If Ur Mother smoke crack that’s your mother i ain’t saying shit about her…That’s Ur business I aint gossiping bout UR shit Dats 4 Bitches

3. Niggas get off your ass and do Some productive shit. All that internet gossipin shit is for Bitches…All My REAL #GFKLoyals know what I’m

4. talking about… I didn’t know y’all cared so much to respond to Negative shit.This world would be Better if you Stay on some POSITIVE Shit

5. I had to bothers with Muscular Dystrophy that passed away Y’all niggas ain’t tweet that shit.

6. The devil feed off of negative shit…What that make y’all. I’m ill nigga Nigga Don;t get me started B for real..

7. Don’t confuse it with Music Y’all my fans for a Reason I LOVE y’all Niggas for real! I brought y’all shit Y’all will NEVER hear in ur Life

8. I’m a ill Nigga I Get Busy!! #GFKLoyal

9. Wake up to Bullshit This OUR Life..All you niggas Saying Shit I bet you don’t even OWN Supreme Clientale or IronMan..SOap Opera niggas

10. My Real Fans Don’t have time for this Shit! Niggas Raping Babies, Homeless People Y’all tweeting about that?

11 Serious Shit going on in the World & You making ME the topic of the Week! This computer shit is a gift & a curse! Sittin Waitin for Negative

12. This Life is like living a half a day…

13. Positive Education ALWAYS Correct ERA’s & that means PEACE for you smart Dumb Niggas

14. Stand for #TrayvonMartin

15. If I wasnt GFK , 50 wasn’t Fifty, JayZ wasnt Jay y’all Niggas wouldnt give a Fuck about NOTHING!

16. People got a GOOD to do to give y’all good Music Respect US!

17. Cause we celebrities y’all gonna tweet when we Dig in our Nose & y’all do the same shit!

18. Dhuhr! Time to Offer Salaat #ThatIsAll

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