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March 27, 2012

Alex Jones on Trayvon Martin: Remember what happened with the Duke lacrosse team?

via www.youtube.com

One of you fruits from the comments section was trying to get on me for that post with the pics of Trayvon dressed as a budget Tupac, as if I'm the one who took them, posted them and said it was Trayvon (who got shot).

Reread that post, then reread my original post on Trayvon from over a week ago, in which I draw a connection between what happened to Trayvon, the global financial collapse and the effect it's had on law enforcement, and World Star-style hoodrat melee violence. All of my shit is starting to sound more and more accurate.

Which is not to say that the killing of Trayvon Martin definitely was a World Star video gone wrong/more-right. Generally speaking, you can assume that what I said is what I actually meant, and vice versa. Even if you account for times when I'm attempting to use sarcasm via the Internets (which apparently doesn't work), you'd be correct more often than if you just went with your instinct.

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