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February 17, 2012

Manager at a Tilted Kilt also attended the Too Short School of Seduction

via chicago.cbslocal.com

I ate at a Tilted Kilt once. The girls there have better uniforms than the girls at Hooters, including a bare midraff (which only a genuinely attractive woman can pull off), but the girls at Hooters have bigger cans.

Waitresses at a Tilted Kilt in Chicago have filed a lawsuit.

Highlights for children:

• The manager allegedly took a straw full of water and put it down at least one waitress’ dress, releasing the water and remarking, “I’m trying to get your panties wet,” and, “That’s how daddy likes it – with your panties wet.”

• The manager allegedly said to at least one waitress, “Meow, meow. You’re a dirty kitty,” “You don’t know what I’d like to do to you,” and “I want to f**k you so bad,” among other prurient remarks.

• The manager loudly discussed pornography with customers and at least one waitress, the lawsuit claims.

• The manager and owner allegedly called one or more of the plaintiffs by sexually derogatory nicknames, including one name that purportedly translates from Greek to English to suggest that someone has inspired a man to get an erection, the lawsuit alleges.

• The manager allegedly grabbed the waitress’ buttocks and breasts, tried to kiss one of them on the mouth, licked at least one of their ears, and put ice down their skirts, according to the lawsuit.

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