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January 31, 2012

Ashy, Gollum-like hoodrat abandons children, pops champagne

via nyc.barstoolsports.com

Allow me to play devil/hoodrat's advocate here.

What this chick did wasn't the worst thing in the world. It's almost legal. I know here in St. Louis if you get tired of taking care of your kids, you can drop them off at a hospital, the fire department or a grocery store for the gov't to take care of, no questions asked. The idea behind the law is that they'd rather have you drop your kids off somewhere than have you mistreating them or not feeding them. This way at least the kids go into foster care for someone else to mistreat. LOL

As you can see in the pic below, she gave the kids extra diapers, in case they shit their pants, and put their coats on them, because it was probably cold out. (She couldn't help what time of year it was.) Never mind whether or not kids are supposed to stiill be wearing diapers at the ages of three and five. I don't know Jack Schitt about raising kids, but I'm pretty sure five is entirely too old to be wearing diapers, because most kids start kindergarten at age five, and I don't recall anyone in my kindergarten class wearing diapers - even the "special" kids. I don't remember how old I was when I stopped wearing diapers, but I'm thinking I may have been done with them before I was three. I may have been a bit "advanced."

I'm actually more concerned with the pics that ran in the Daily News of those two poor kids bundled up in their parkas clutching the extra diapers their mother gave them right before she abandoned their asses. Presumably, the Daily News didn't have a professional photographer, a lighting rig and what have you on the scene when the two of them were found wandering up and down the sidewalk outside the projects. (It really was outside the projects, that's not me speaking in "code," because I'm a racist.) Which leads me to believe that these photos were staged. Someone from the Daily News took them back to the place where they were abandoned, told them to hold up their diapers and say cheese.

They don't do that with rape victims, do they? (Let me know if they do.)

The pic below that is from the mother's Facebook page and was posted a mere matter of hours after she abandoned her children. She must have gone and copped some champagne to celebrate the fact that she'd no longer be taking care of her kids. It looks like it might be Rose/ay or some sort of pink champagne, if there's any difference between the two. How should I know?

Again, allow me to defend the hoodrat, as if I were a member of Amber's Army. No Boutros. For all we know, those could have been horrible children. The one on the right in particular looks like she might have an attitude problem, which might help explain why she's yet to be properly potty trained. Because I'm pretty sure she's the older of the two, although they appear to be more or less the same size. (I've got a brother who's a year younger than I am, and he was never more than half as big as me, even when were that age. #advancement) I'm not saying that's necessarily an excuse to leave your kids on the curb outside the projects. At least leave them on the curb in a clean, safe area. I'm just saying. You can understand her relief.

Furthermore, anything she did subsequent to abandoning her children (someone else took that picture, right?) is irrelevant to this discussion. Get out of that hoodrat's business.

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Chicago gangbangers put a shoe on Webbie for not taking care of Lil Boosie's family

via hiphopwired.com

Supposedly Webbie has been doing Free Lil Boosie shows and selling t-shirts and not giving anything back to Lil Boosie's family, and that's why these guys are so upset. But they probably just wanted to beat someone up, right?

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Film the Police: NYPD beat the crap out of teen alleged drug dealer

via gothamist.com

When did they find the crack on him, before or after they beat the crap out of him? Maybe they planted the crack on him after they beat the crap out of him, as an excuse. Not that having some crack on you is a valid excuse to have your ass kicked.

It's too bad Johnny Cochran has been dead for several years now. This seems like a pretty clear cut case of injustice.

One of the cops supposedly had to have stitches to close a cut on his nose, but they didn't say how exactly he got that cut on his nose, and I'm thinking maybe he got hit with a random baton blow during the beatdown. Can 5-0 charge you with assault if they accidentally hurt themselves in the process of brutalizing you? Probably, right?

But wait, it gets worse. After they took the perp/victim down to the station, his mom, brother and some young guy showed up to ask some questions, probably not unlike the ones I'm asking, and can you believe they were arrested as well? Of course the NYPD is claiming they attacked officers, but come on. Who really believes that's true?

Did any officers require stitches in this alleged subsequent attack? The report I read doesn't say what kind of attack this was. Was it physical, or was there just a lot of eye rolling and neck movements?

I'd like some answers, NYPD.

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Bad body paint is actually the best kind of body paint

via www.thesmokingjacket.com

Here's Tehmeena Afzal supporting the New York Giants, who are apparently in this year's Super Bowl.

All pics via TSJ

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January 30, 2012