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December 16, 2011

Disgusting testimony from the Jerry Sandusky trial

via www.cnn.com

After reading this, I can understand how Mike McQueary didn't know to call the police. If I walked in on a 60 year-old white man balls deep in an eight year-old black boy, I'd be catatonic, like Jack Nicholson after they had to remove his frontal lobe in One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest.

McQueary testified Friday that he walked into a locker room and heard someone in the shower.

He said he heard rhythmic, slapping sounds, like that of skin on skin.

"I looked in the mirror and shockingly and surprisingly saw Jerry with a boy in the shower," McQueary told the court.

He said Sandusky was behind the boy and the boy was up against a wall. He said he believes Sandusky was sexually molesting the boy but he did not see insertion and did not hear protests. He said he believes the two were engaged in intercourse but he cannot be sure.

"They were as close as they could be," he said.

McQueary said he looked away for a few moments, and when he took a closer look, the two were standing apart.

"They had turned so their bodies were both facing me. ... They looked directly in my eyes," he said. "Seeing that they were separated, I thought it was best that I leave the locker room."

He added that he felt "shocked" and "horrified" afterward.

"I was not thinking straight," he said, adding that he was "sure (the incident) was over" when he left.

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