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October 31, 2011

Odd Future slapped a woman

via pitchfork.com

At a show down in New Orleans this past weekend, Tyler the Juggalo complained that he didn't like photographers, so Faygo carrier Left Brain went down to the press pit and slapped the shit out of a female photographer, knocking her camera to the ground. Pitchfork couldn't get a comment form any of Odd Future's white handlers/enablers, or Noz. I checked Tyler the Juggalo's Twitter just now, and it looks like he's yet to say anything about this. In fact, it looks like his Twitter went dark right around the time this story hit the Internets. Hmm... But I'm sure he'll be back in no time with plenty of curse words and gay slurs to make it seem as if he says and does whatever he wants. Nothing against curse words and gay slurs. Just saying.

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