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October 05, 2011

A white woman brought a dreaded n-word sign to SlutWalk NYC

via www.racialicious.com

Black women were already upset with SlutWalk NYC, because the way SlutWalk works is women walk down the street with no clothes on, to show how, ideally, women should be able to go outside with no clothes on without fear of being rape-raped (which they should...), and black women can't go outside with no clothes on, because most of them have hideous bodies, and the few of them who don't are prudes. (If you notice, there's an inverse relationship between a black woman's looks and the amount of her body she insists on exposing to the public.)

Now black women are pissed because a white woman showed up to SlutWalk NYC with a dreaded n-word sign - not because she was pissed at black women for trying to throw salt on their public underwear party, mind you. It was a reference to that John Lennon song, "Woman Is the Dreaded N-Word of the World." But still.

And I quote:

I’ve been informed that one of the (Black) women SlutWalk NYC organizers asked the woman to take her placard down. She did. However, not before there were many photographs taken….

Now, my question is why did it take a Black woman organizer to ask her to take it down. What about ALL of the White women captured in this photograph. They didn’t find this sign offensive? Paraphrasing Sojourner Truth “Ain’t I A Woman (too!)?”


How can so many White feminists be absolutely clear about the responsibility of ALL MEN TO END heterosexual violence perpetrated against women; and yet turn a blind eye to THEIR RESPONSIBILITY TO END racism.

Is Sisterhood Global? This picture says NO! very loudly and very clearly.

The fact that this quote originates from a woman of color ~ Yoko Ono, really underscores the work that we, women of color, must do with each other to educate each other about our respective herstories. This photograph also underscores the imperative need for hardcore inter-racial dialogues amongst all of us in these complicated movements to address gender-based violence in all of our non-monolithic communities.

"Herstories." Roffle.

The video below of John Lennon and Yoko Ono performing "Woman Is the Dreaded N-Word of the World" on some circa 1970 TV talk show might be the most surreal non-pr0n video I've ever seen on the Internets. I couldn't decide whether to laugh at the proto-hesher wailing on the saxophone, Yoko going to town on that bongo as if it added anything to the song, or John Lennon singing the dreaded n-word. My head almost exploded.

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