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May 09, 2011


via diaryofahollywoodstreetking.com

Let it be known: If you cop me several mediocre lapdances, I'll post your mixtape here.


Track List:

01. Hello (Prod. by Soundtrakk)
02. In My City (Feat. T.I.) (Prod. by Don Cannon)
03. At The Top (Prod. by Lil C)
04. Gotta Know That (Prod. by Raz/Beat Billionaire)
05. Ready Set Go (Remix) (Feat. T.I. & Big Boi) (Prod. by No ID)
06. Pay Up (Prod. by Lil C)
07. Cash Out (Prod. by Lil C)
08. Go Out On The Town (Feat. Young Jeezy) (Prod. by Raz/Beat Billionaire)
09. Blind Justice (Prod. by DJ Toomp)


Byron Crawford a/k/a Bol is the celebrated author of several books, most recently NaS Lost: A Tribute to the Little Homey.

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