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April 21, 2011

Rack Radar: Kayleigh Mallen

via www.frontarmy.com

I bought a couple of issues of Front from Barnes and Noble back when I was still almost gainfully employed.

It was a tough purchase to make even back then, because it was import only, which meant it cost like $10, and the content in Front is even more retarded than the content in rap magazines. Even its features are listicles (or "infographics" or whatever).

But it was so worth it, because the girls in Front are the best-looking girls evar. No, really. I'm talking Tumblr-level quality. In a magazine. The girls in front make the girls in Maxim (which is still a magazine) look like guys by comparison. Granted, the girls in Maxim are ostensibly noteworthy aside from their looks (actresses, singers and what have you), whereas the girls in Front are just random chicks no one ever heard of with amazing bodies.

Somewhere, under a pile of fat man clothes (which is especially big, natch), I've the issue with Kayleigh Mallen on the cover from last year. That shit was amazing. This new one looks like it might be even better.

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