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February 02, 2011

Aww fuck, look at what happened to Carmella Bing

nsfw: via www.smoothieluv.com

I was warned yesterday that something bad had happened to Carmella Bing, but I figured that maybe years of crack smoking had started to show on her face, like a lot of girls who've been in pr0n for more than a year or two.

As discussed by (closet freak) Chris Hedges in Empire of Illusion, as mentioned by Lupe Fiasco once on Sirius (but don't let that stop you from reading it), many of these girls turn to drugs and alcohol to cope with the fact that they take loads to the face for a living. Though I refuse to believe that (a) at least some of these girls don't enter into a career in pr0n of their own volition and in fact enjoy ii; and (b) girls don't enjoy taking a guy's load to the face. I can see where in the eye might be painful (nullus), but on the chin is just magical. And without it, there's just no sense of "closure."

If only Carmella Bing had spent the last couple of years beaming up to Scotty, instead of eating every day at IHOP for breakfast, Bennigans for lunch, and Red Lobster for dinner, like Big Pun did that time he got a check in the mail for $500,000 from an accident that took place on a construction site when he was a kid. This is just disgusting. But I'm not gonna lie - I did go to PlumperPass and take a look at the free trailer for the video this still image is from. I had to see the bad news with own two eyes. It's actually not as bad as you'd think. That dress she's wearing doesn't do her any favors, the way it accentuates her gut. Plus, let's keep it real, I'm a black guy. I'd wear that gigantic pussy out, if it weren't worn out already.

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