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November 10, 2010

Charles Hamilton might have both cancer and AIDS

via slumz.boxden.com

In addition to craziness, whatever the actual medical term is for that.

In a post on his blog, which has since been deleted (which means it must be true, right?), Charles Hamilton revealed that he has both AIDS and cancer, and he might not live to see 23.

And I quote:

It's about time to get ready for 20Hami11.

Gathering my projects now. Concepts, delivery, voice, everything is getting aligned. Question of the night: Will I make it to 23?

I have every reason to believe I won't. Em wants me dead, I more than likely died in "Paranormal Activity 2", and my Chaids test came back positive (meaning I'm ill, but terminal). Oh yeah, and Cancer. So... looks crazy for me... and all I can do right now is laugh my[..] off. Like this... lmblueao.

In this paragraph, he seems to suggest that he's been turning tricks for money.

So, I found out I DO have to !!. Which is why "The Binge 3: Charles Hamilton's Last Mixtape" is not my last mixtape. Because I actually enjoy taking sh1ts. They clean out your system of yucky stuff. And... I eat pork and pumpum... pumpum doesn't leave yucky residue in your tummy, but pork and random paying n1ggas do. So.......... back to being nervous about sleeping unless it's on public transportation... I (lol) sh1t you not.

It's enough to drive a man to drink.

Yes. I have been drinking a lot lately. A f*ckin lot. I get all Otis Redding when I'm drunk and start singing my heart out. I think I should sing more... using my real voice.

Chest pains yo. Major chest pain.

Maybe he should put out a mixtape of himself getting blackout drunk and singing Otis Redding songs.


1) This could all be a buncha BS, like that time Dilla was producing his first album.

2) But on the other hand, he has been riding around in that wheelchair.

3) The turning tricks and the AIDS would help explain the pink headphones.

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