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November 17, 2010

Can't buy Four Loko anymore? Make your own!

via www.buzzfeed.com

These dudes must have seen my post yesterday about what you'd have to do if they took the caffeine out of Four Loko, or if, god forbid, they stopped selling Four Loko altogether.

The good thing about coming up with alternatives to Four Loko is that anything you come up with probably won't taste any worse than the real deal. You might be able to taste the alcohol more (you can hardly taste the alcohol in Four Loko at all), but it won't have that slight formaldehyde taste. Unless formaldehyde is one of your ingredients.

I'm most excited about the prospect of putting a generic caffeine pill into a drink, which hadn't occurred to me until just now. That could be the solution for those of you unfortunate enough to live in New York, once they start selling caffeine-free Four Loko.

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