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October 18, 2010

Is Mad Men mining Bol's Tumblr for actresses?

via bol.tumblr.com

Or is this just a wonderful coincidence?

I knew the chick who plays Don's new secretary/jumpoff/fiance (spoiler alert) looked familiar, but I thought she just looked familiar in the way that all extremely, extremely (extremely) attractive women look familiar. If you notice, all of the best looking women don't look all that different from one another.

Come to find out the chick who plays Megan is Jessica Pare, who was previously most famous for being featured on my Tumblr back in January of this year - which was a very good month. I just flipped through the archives. I'm not sure if a lot of those pictures have ever been posted here. But Jesus H. Tapdancing Christ!

Anyway, this is a great development, on a show that I didn't even think could get any better. I mean, they already had Christina Hendricks, and January Jones (which sounds like a stripper name), and Alison Brie. Even the chick who plays Peggy is smokin' hot in real life. There was a really good picture of her once in one of these magazines. Or so I've been told.

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