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September 27, 2010

Yes! Christopher Hitchens on Bishop Eddie Long (nullus?)

Bishop Eddie Long

I was hoping Christopher Hitchens would go in re: Bishop Eddie Long (no homo), but I figured the chances were less than likely, because Hitchens already did a column having to do with black people last week (IIRC), and because these days, there's always the possibility that there won't be a new Christopher Hitchens, because he's dead or in chemo or some shit.

Hitchens on how he knew Eddie Long is teh ghey:

Bishop Eddie Long of the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Georgia preaches that [teh ghey civil rights leader] Bayard Rustin was a vile sinner who suffered from the curable "disease" of homosexuality. I have a rule of thumb for such clerics and have never known it to fail: Set your watch and sit back, and pretty soon they will be found sprawling lustily on the floor of the men's room.

Hitchens on what he's really concerned with here:

One of his alleged partners in depravity may have been on the borderline of the age of consent, but otherwise I can't make myself care about whether the self-anointed Bish was rogering his flock. [...] No, what offends me is that Long was able to get four presidents of the United States to attend his opulent circus for the funeral of Coretta Scott King in 2006.

Hitchens on the soft bigotry of low expectations:

Many other charlatans have benefited from the clerical racket, and the most notorious of them—Jerry Falwell, Ted Haggard, Jim Bakker, Jimmy Swaggart—have been white. But there is something especially horrible about the way in which the black pulpit gets a sort of free pass, almost as if white society has assured itself that black Americans just love them some preaching.

And it goes on from there.

God's Bigmouths [Slate]

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