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September 07, 2010

Muslims respond to Burn a Koran Day by burning founder Terry Jones in effigy

Terry Jones

One of these teabaggers decided to make the ninth anniversary of 9/11 Burn a Koran Day, and of course the Muslims have responded by burning him in effigy. (Not all Muslims, mind you. Just the crazy ones in the Middle East who want to kill us).

I'm not sure if Burn a Koran Day is an actual event, down in Florida, or if you can participate at home, if you just so happen to have a Koran. As an atheist, I'd consider participating myself, but of course I don't have a Koran, and if I were to buy a Koran, that might somehow end up funding terrorism. It'd be like robbing Peter to pay Paul. Maybe I could print off those Allah cartoons and take a piss on them.

But I'm not a racist, like this guy Terry Jones, because I'm not singling out Muslims because they're not white, or Christian.

The media is concerned that Burn a Koran Day might endanger the troops, but I'm not sure if that's a good reason to call it off. Isn't the reason the troops are over there in the first place to protect our ability to burn a Koran, if we so please? Plus, canceling Burn a Koran Day because it might endanger the troops would be admitting we're afraid. If Burn a Koran Day doesn't go forward, that means the terrorists have already won.

Petraeus warns Koran burning could endanger troops [Washington Times]


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