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July 29, 2010

FACT: The Puerto Rican dude from Juice is teh ghey and also Maino's brother

You got the juice now homo

Shit like this I'd never know, if I didn't read Sandra Rose on the reg. My life wouldn't be nearly as complete. I hope Jermaine Dupri doesn't have her killed.

Actor Khalil Kain's teh ghey lover put him on blast on Facebook.

…you know he’s Maino’s brother right… the rapper that went to jail for ten years for armed kidnapping and extortion. Must run in the family.

He had the nerve to tell me that the only reason Omar Epps has gotten all that work is because he’s a prototypical black man… hating much buddy!? and also that he was pac’s bitch on juice.

Does that mean 2Pac and Omar Epps were having anal sex, and Omar Epps was the bottom, or was Omar Epps just bringing 2Pac his scarves and water? It's suggested that the director of Juice, Ernest Dickerson, is a fudge, and that's how Maino's Puerto Rican brother was cast in both Juice and a movie named Bones. Pause.

fanMAIL: Who knew Khalil Kain was on the down low? [Sandra Rose]

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