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June 09, 2010

Wendy Fiore: The new Denise Milani?

Wendy Fiore

Some cam hoo-ers, if their bodies are impressive enough, don't even have to go topless. Denise Milani is probably the most famous example of this. While other pr0n chicks have to endure increasing levels of degradation, things even I don't always enjoy, all she has to do is have her picture taken wearing different outfits.

Wendy Fiore aka Wendy 4 aka Wendy Combattente is the latest such cam hoo-er. Could she replace Denise Milani as the Internets' leading non-nude cam hoo-er? She's not as anglo-looking, which is a problem for me, because I'm racist, but also because ethnic women look more masculine in the face, but her cans are way more impressive. Not only are they bigger, but they look like they might actually be real.

See for yourself after the jump.

Wendy Fiore @ Model Mayhem

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