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June 08, 2010

Sometimes journalists attack rappers

Lil B

It's not always the other way around.

Take for example this interview with (Free-) Based God Lil B that somehow went horribly wrong. One minute he's talking about something or other - I can't even understand what the fuck he's saying - and the next thing you know, the "journalist," dressed like Carlton Banks from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air (even though he was probably two when that show was on) lights Lil B up with what $habooty, the guy who got me that new Eminem album, describes as a "six piece mc-snuff-nugget to the face." Way worse than a two piece. That last shot in particular leaned Lil B waaay the fuck back, on some Matrix bullet time shit, as pictured above.

The whole thing was probably set up as an excuse to cold cock Lil B on camera, because pretty much everyone other than Noz (I'm talking grown people, not impressionable teenage girls on MySpace, in 2K10) finds him retarded.

Lil B In “Worst Interview Ever” [The Smoking Section]

Lil B Gets Punched in The Face With a DoubleDown 2 Pc. Combo! (VIDEO) [$habooty]

Snuff footage after the jump for your viewing pleasure, plus a response from the Based God himself.

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