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June 30, 2010

How to tell if a girl in the club is a tranny

She and him

Some DJ down in Atlanta got caught in a picture hugged up with a woman who may or may not be a tranny. If she is a tranny, I'm not sure that this guy got hit with the ol' tranny surprise, since it was in Atlanta, and you know how it is down in Atlanta - mad teh ghey.

In case you're ever in the A (nullus), and you spot a nice-looking young lady in the club, but you can't be certain that she is not a he, perhaps because she has a man's haircut, Sandra Rose put together a handy guide to recognizing a tranny in the club.

You can check the entire list of 10 handy tips [||] @ Sandra Rose, but I thought number eight was particularly interesting.

8. Flat chest/Implants — Trannies are either flat chested (small breasts) or they have breast implants. The ones with implants are rare because implants are not covered by insurance and the procedure can be expensive. If you’re not sure, ask her to show you her breasts. Most females in a club will comply with your request because no female wants to be confused for a tranny.

Only thing is, it probably wouldn't work as well on a woman who's clearly a woman, and why would you be interested in a woman who isn't clearly a woman?

The Straight Male’s Guide to Recognizing Trannies in the Clubs [Sandra Rose]

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Some guy actually sics a woman on Kat Stacks

Kat Stacks

When we joke on the Internets about how it's not alright for a man to hit a woman, but it's perfectly fine to hire another woman to do it, I thought it was clear that it's a joke and that there's no meaningful difference between beating someone up and hiring someone to beat someone up for you, but apparently it isn't.

I'm not taking sides in this BS. (Perhaps if Kat Stacks had bigger cans.) I'm just saying. Black people don't have a very strong concept of irony, and I wouldn't want to be held liable, if Kat Stacks turns up in a dumpster somewhere.

Latest Kat Stacks snuff footage plus response from Kat Stacks herself after the jump.

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This video should give you an idea of the kind of shit I deal with when I'm not on the Internets


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Oh, so Michael Jackson was on PCP

Michael Jackson

Explains everything.

“The only time in my life I smoked angel dust was by accident and it was on a double date with Andy Warhol and Michael Jackson,” laughs [Devo frontman Mark] Mothersbaugh. “We all went to Studio 54 and people were passing drugs all over the place.

“Michael Jackson had just finished doing the movie The Wiz and still looked like Michael Jackson back then – he had an Afro and he was still black. He passed me a joint and I thought, well OK, we don’t have marijuana in Ohio so I’ll try it.”

Devo frontman: "I smoked angel dust with Michael Jackson and Andy Warhol" [Boing Boing]

Mark Mothersbaugh Talks Smoking Angel Dust with Michael Jackson and Andy Warhol at Studio 54... [The Daily Swarm]

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