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June 17, 2010

Damn, Joe Budden got pwned by a gay rapper

Lil B is the gay rapper

Are the Internet Soldiers still a gang or whatever? A hate crime might be in order.

Joe Budden must have seen the hoopla on the Internets last week surrounding Lil B, mostly stemming from that interview in which he all but came out of the closet, and thought he should get in on it, by beefing with Lil B. I did a couple of posts on Lil B last week. I haven't done two posts on Joe Budden in the same week since like 2008.

I'm not sure how or where Joe Budden dissed Lil B. (I'm guessing Twitter?) All I saw is where Lil B just posted his Joe Budden dis track, "T Shirts and Buddens." Credit where credit is due: Lil B kinda jumped off in Joe Budden's ass, Lupe Fiasco might put it, for being not the most technically gifted of rappers, not to mention a teh ghey guy.

Budden must have really gotten under his skin. Nullus?

Lil B "T Shirts and Buddens" [LimeLinx (left click)]

After the jump, since I didn't bother posting it the other day, is a video of Budden and his new jumpoff/abuse victim Esther Baxter. She's not half what she used to be, but her cans might be twice as big.

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