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April 29, 2010

FYI: You're allowed to run a strip club out of your house in Detroit

Jay Thunderbolt

Most places, it would be against some BS zoning ordinance, but I guess they figured Detroit is so fucked the fuck up, the prospect of makeshift strip clubs in residential areas might make it seem like that much more of a desirable place to live.

Honestly, between home strip clubs (and the general thought of the level of desperation that must exist in the female population there) and the fact that you can cop a crib for $100, I might seriously have to consider a move to Detroit. I could sell my house in a shanty town here and pocket several thousand dollars.

It's not that Detroit has a law that says you're allowed to run a strip club out of your house, it's just that home strip clubs aren't covered under the law that regulates real strip clubs, because they don't serve food or alcohol - though you can bring your own if you want. Bonus!

[Home strip club proprietor Jay] Thunderbolt doesn't need a cabaret license like other Detroit strip clubs must have. The city ordinance regulating other places doesn't apply, because it's not a bar serving liquor or food, but rather a private arrangement in a private home. To him it's like having a strip-o-gram sent to your own house.

"As far as I'm concerned," Thunderbolt says, "when a guy calls up to come here, he's my 'friend.'" And though the club is dry, people can still drink. "If they want to party and bring their own party favors, that's OK," he says.

It could be that this is the case all over, and it's just that Detroit is the only place where someone was desperate enough to try to find out. I might have to check with my lawyer before I start packing my shit.

Nothing but a G-string [Metro Times]

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