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March 17, 2010

Karen Alloy naked pics


Karen Alloy does one of these video blogs where the main draw is her epic cleavage. Probably the only way she could say something interesting is if a guy wrote it for her, but on the other hand she might actually be the most attractive woman in all of YouTube... if you like your women with extra fair skin and extra large cans. Which I do.

A few weeks ago she did a video in which she promised that, if you watched to the very end, there would be footage of her breastfeeding a baby. I was psyched, because word on the street is that videos of shit like breastfeeding, breast self exams and what have you are allowed on Twitter.

I watched this video until the very end, and... nothing. There was no breastfeeding demonstration at the end. She just said there would be, because she knew brothers such as myself would watch until the very end, and she'd probably make more money. I was pissed. I felt like how JD probably felt when he went out on a date with Ashley Dupre and they didn't even fuck, even though that's her job.

I probably should have stopped watching her videos right then and there, but as George Michael once put it, it's important to have faith. No homo. Plus, there was still the cleavage. I was watching one of her videos just now, and she started talking about how she did a nude photo shoot with this guy. I had my suspicions, having already been burned once, but I checked Flickr just in case, and wouldn't you know she really did.

They're a little bit artsier than what i usually prefer, but her nipples are better than I was even aware was possible - and I've seen more pictures of naked women than pretty much anyone other than John Mayer. I saved them to a folder and uploaded it to Mediafire for your viewing pleasure.

Karen Alloy naked pics [Mediafire]

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