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February 01, 2010

Jordan Carver: The next Denise Milani?

Jordan Carver

Confession time: I once woke up early to witness the launch of a lingerie model's website.

I was disappointed to find that there was hardly anything there, but I remain excited about the prospect of Jordan Carver. She's one of these hoo-ers with such ideal proportions that she doesn't even have to pose topless - like Denise Milani.

Which kinda sucks, in the sense that a) I'd like to see her topless and b) the idea of hoo-ers making decisions wrt their careers bothers me.

But I do like the idea in general that hoo-ers who don't present as strong a value proposition have to try that much harder. And if that's the case, I suppose it's only right that there's a certain threshold at which you're allowed to retain some of your dignity.

Who knows, maybe the advent of non-nude cam hoo-ers will drive lesser cam hoo-ers to the doctor's office and/or the gym. It's not like there's ever gonna be a shortage of hoo-ers who just can't cut it.

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