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February 18, 2010

iHipHop pays twice as much as XXL


And they actually send it to you.

From the comments section of my post on how Eric Clapton was the original John Mayer:

This comment doesn't have anything to do with this post, but since they deleted my comment over at XXL, where u posted about their choice in new "journalists", I wrote:

Damn, Bol, I dunno how you do it. I can't wait 3 months to get a check from XXL (which it took). Maybe it's because you have no kids. Or happen to live in the Midwest, where everything is cheaper.

iHipHop might be a lesser known brand, but they paid me on day one. No lie. Plus, they doubled what XXL was paying me. So, go figure.

No shots, just sayin.

Still wondering why they decided to censor my comment.

I'm not sure if I should say anything here that's gonna put me even closer to homelessness than I already am... but here's a handy tip for if your job just suddenly stopped paying you like three months ago.

If you've moved in the past year or so, check your pantry for things that may have been left by the people who lived there before you. Yeah, they'd be at least a year old at this point, but if they don't smell too bad, they probably won't kill you!

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