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February 05, 2010

Combat Jack behind enemy lines (no DADT)

Peter Rosenberg

Combat Jack has been on what you might call a "things Bol wouldn't do" tour for the past few months now, letting the white man get away with fucking with his livelihood, leaving XXL to go work for some site no one ever heard of, living in a nice house with an attractive woman, so on and so forth.

Today's stop? A conversation with Peter Rosenberg.

Peter Rosenberg tried to get me on the phone once, but I wasn't having it, because a) I'm always suspicious of people who want to talk on the phone, when there's blogs, email, IM and what have you; and b) I think the plan was to try to convince me that his father is not a member of the Israel Lobby, which is a fact, not a matter of opinion.

If I would have been thinking, and if my financial situation wasn't what it is, I would have copped the issue of Harper's a few months ago that included a handy graphic with the members of the Israel lobby listed from most progressive to pure unadulterated evil. The group his father works for was listed just to the left of center. Maybe I can find it online.

Not that it would matter to him...

Peter Rosenberg and Combat Jack Podcast [Usershare]

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