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January 07, 2010

How to get away with groping women at concerts

Stage diving

Deny everything.

A blog called the Sexist is running a series of posts about the alleged groping epidemic in Washington, DC. The latest of which is fucking hot! It took me a while to get done reading it, and not because I'm a slow adult.

From the first post in the series:

Brandon’s favorite part of groping appears to be rendering her powerless to respond: “there was this one occasion in which i groped a young lady at a danzig show,” he writes. “after screaming ‘you grabbed me’ into my ear and i responded that i couldnt hear her, she gave up.”


Let me be clear: What this guy did was wrong.

But he was smart in the way he went about it.

Why Do Gropers Grope? [The Sexist]

Touch And Go: How Groping Happens [ibid]

After the jump is a diagram describing how to do something called the side-boob handshake. I might actually try it, if I had any courage. What's worse, a world where a woman might get brushed up against, or a world where men can hardly stand to be around women? Would the lonely black chicks from that ABC special complain about groping? Probably, right?

The side-boob handshake

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