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January 19, 2010

FACT: Men are more evolved than women


See, if I said it, people would think I was trying to hate on women. Which doesn't even make sense. Why would I try to hate on something that I love?

But I actually found this on a site that caters to women, which I sometimes visit to conduct recon.

Call it a literal battle of the sexes: Researchers just revealed that the male Y chromosome is more evolved than ours.

The discovery -- unearthed by a female MIT researcher -- shows that the Y chromosome has advanced so much over the last 6 million years that there's now a 30 percent difference between the male genetic code and that of chimps, our nearest ancestor. For the rest of the human genetic code, there's only a 2 percent difference.

It has something to do with the fact that the Y chromosome isn't a pair, like our other 44 chromosomes. So I guess it can evolve that much faster? I'm not smart enough to understand science, but I do feel like I'm evolving.

Are Men More 'Evolved' Than Women? [Lemondrop]

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