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November 13, 2009

Remember, you don't know me

Combat Jack

Here's a tip. If, unlike me, you somehow manage to get a job that pays more than $9 an hour, especially in the music biz, never, ever, let anyone there know that you know me. Word might get back to the TIs.

Combat Jack had to find out the hard way.

Remember when I told ya’ll recently how I had an announcement to make? This isn’t it. Real talk, an unexpected opportunity came my way, a pretty big one too. Something that I had been planning for for a while. Entertainment related. Media related. Mad exposure. A bigger platform to support the Daily Math. Well, a funny thing happened on the way to the office. A week after the offer was made, the cats I was building with became real hard to find. Because I know how things get in the entertainment industry, I got a lil nervous. I started making mad calls, emails, text messages, Twitter tweets. Nada. This wall of silence went on for like a week and a half, even going past the day I was told I’d be starting. Yes. I got real nervous.

Eventually I got through to the person that made the offer. I was informed that the head honcho of the fine establishment I’d be joining decided they didn’t want to eff with me. Apparently said honcho had issues with fellow blogger and esteemed colleague Byron Crawford. You know how bol gets down. Well anyways, wha’ had happened was bol dropped some post completely unrelated to me in typical bol fashion, and said posts didn’t really sit well with said honcho. Them posts was too close to home is what my people told me. Said that same honcho did some research and discovered that me and Byron were cool, that we had history. Said honcho, so affected by the shit bol dropped decided that he wasn’t gonna eff with me. Ever. And just like that, I was fired from a job before I had a chance to start. Before I had a chance to meet the boss. For some shit I didn’t do. Unless you want to call it guilt by association. Then yeah, I guess I’m guilty. Guilty for knowing Byron Crawford.

The good news is, Combat Jack found another job, working alongside yours truly at XXL, starting next week. If necessary, I might be able to put in a word for him at one of the BGM's New York locations. The two of them combined don't compare to the job he lost, but what are you gonna do?

Combat Jack Joins XXL [Daily Mathematics]

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